About us

HummingYard is an online landscape design company which collaborates with you, the homeowner, to create aspirational outdoor spaces tailored to your unique style and budget. With more than 40 years of experience, we offer a range of innovative design services, including 3D renderings, enabling you to turn your landscape dreams into a reality.
We stand apart from competitors by combining premium visual aesthetics with expertly engineered functionality. The result – luxurious, eye-catching outdoor spaces which last a lifetime and serve as an extension of your home.

We do the work.
You do the living.

You have plenty of ideas about how to improve your yard, but don’t know where to start.

That’s where HummingYard comes in. Share with us your vision, including plants, flowers, furniture, structures, and fun stuff you’ve been dreaming of. Then our team gets to work, creating a design you’ll review and refine with us until it’s just right.

Why us

Working side-by-side with clients for decades, HummingYard distinguishes itself from our competitors in several ways.
40+ Years of Experience
Our designers have worked in the landscape industry for more the 40 years, providing clients with topnotch services designing in aspirational outdoor spaces.
High Quality Custom Design
We believe every home is unique and pride ourselves on designing custom, high-quality landscapes perfectly tailored to your home and needs.
Convenient & Collaborative
HummingYard takes a tedious and expensive landscape design process and makes it easy, convenient, and collaborative, all while turning your dream into reality.
Excellent Partners
Once the design is finalized, we provide you with a vetted list of top notch contractors and ensure that you have all the plans needed to install and enjoy your dream landscape.
design principle.

Your outdoor space should endure for as long as you live in your house – a lifetime. So HummingYard puts sustainability first when creating landscape designs, including the following:

  • We customize your outdoor space layout – encompassing everything from plants, to furniture, to water features – meeting your every desire.
  • We use drought-tolerant plants which naturally require minimal irrigation while providing beautiful aesthetic for your space.
  • We prefer premium artificial grass as it stays green year-round and saves you from costly irrigation and maintenance of real grass.
  • We donate 1% percent of our revenue to sustainability charities focused on offsetting climate change and supporting our planet.

We work with

We collaborate with and draw inspiration from the most creative, talented, and proven partners in the landscape industry to turn dreams into reality.

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