How it works

Share Your Vision

Once you’ve purchased your chosen package, we will arrange a video conference call to kick off the project. You’ll share everything with – your budget, design needs, site conditions, and what you envision for the space.

It’s All in the Details

With your photos, videos, inspirational images, and property site plan, your HummingYard design team will begin by accurately measuring your outdoor space using 3D-design software.

Collaboration Time

Based on your feedback, the final design will be drawn up in a detailed layout. After connecting with our network of topnotch contractors, you’ll soon be living with the landscape of your dreams.

Finalize Your Custom Design

Based on your feedback, the final design will be drawn up in a detailed layout and prepared for a contractor upon approval. After connecting with our vetted network of topnotch contractors to install your new space, you’ll soon be living with the landscape of your dreams.


What is Hummingyard?
HummingYard is an online landscape design service that partners with you to create beautiful custom landscape design tailored to your style and budget.
Who should use Hummingyard?
Anyone who is looking to renovate their front- or back-yard into a luxurious design personalized for their family.
Why should I care about how my yard looks?
Every beautiful home deserves a beautiful yard to complement it. Enhanced landscaping adds value to your home, while a renovated yard is great for gatherings and enjoying your private sanctuary.
How will I know the design is accurately measured to my property?
If you have a copy of the plot/lot plan of your property, that is usually enough for us to create an accurately dimensioned design. If you do not have that available, we carefully examine photos, videos, and GPS images of your property to create a design that approximates the true measurements as closely as possible.
Who will design my yard?
HummingYard will assign one of our trained and experienced designers to your project who will collaborate with you to ensure your desires and vision are translated into a luxurious design tailored to you.
What if I receive the design and it’s not really my style?
Every design begins with your vision and input and is uniquely tailored to each client. Additionally, every package includes at least one round of revisions, to incorporate feedback or in case you want to see something different from the first draft. We are happy to make ensure the design satisfies your vision for the yard space.
I have an HOA that requires plans to be submitted to them. Can we submit your plans to our HOA?
Although we provide detailed construction plans, every HOA has different guidelines and requirements to follow, so we cannot guarantee that our plans will be compatible with every HOA requirement. However, we will do our best to ensure our designs are generally compatible to what the majority of HOAs request.
Do you have a refund policy?

If you purchase a package on accident, please contact [email protected] and we can further help you.

If you have already started on the design process, unfortunately we cannot offer a refund as we have already invested our time and effort into personalizing your design. Rest assured, we will make every effort to make your yard beautiful and to your satisfaction.

I’ve received my designs. Now what?

Once you have your final designs, it’ll be time to get a few quotes from local contractors who can build out the project for you. While we don’t offer contractor services for building your project ourselves, we offer a growing list of qualified references for our clients to work with.

If I have any questions throughout the process, who do I talk to?

Our process initially begins with a video conference call to discuss project scope, ideas, and next steps. Additionally, you can email your assigned designer with any questions or any ideas you want to share throughout the process.

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